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We are different!

Trillionet Resources Limited is a new age Internet Marketing and Coaching  company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We develop simple, fast and elegant solutions for using technology to improve the businesses and lifestyles of our many clients, partners and affiliates.

From government agencies and educational institutions to private corporations, our eco-friendly virtual office model is able to deliver world class products and services in a timely manner over the Internet. Irrespective of your physical location.

How We Work

Trillionet Resources Limited is a futuristic and innovative company that has mastered the Internet. It is the first company in Nigeria where all staff work from their different locations worldwide via a process known as telecommuting. At this time, the company runs a 100% virtual office and delivers most of its services over the Internet.

Our People

Trillionet Resources Limited is made up of 4 full time staff members,   12 part time staff and hundreds of agents and affiliates around the world all working and collaborating over the Internet. The principal officers are:

Onome Maureen
Chief Executive Officer

Trillionet Resources Limited


Pearl Itaman

Head of Customer Delight
Trillionet Resources Limited


Jeff Idowu
Head Technical Operations


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